Guardian at the Gate

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Guardian at the Gate

Guardian at the Gate

Onepath Systems has always worked to bring our clients the latest and greatest in information technology products and services. With the recent Onepath acquisition of Confiance, we’ve once again added cutting-edge technology that we know current and future clients will love.

Introducing…Guardian Services. Guardian Services are full lifecycle, around-the-clock management and monitoring services for network and system infrastructures. These services are offered in two classes:

Guardian Enterprise Services

  • Global Monitoring or Management Services
  • Advanced Cloud Systems Monitoring Solution
  • Proactive Quarterly Review Assessments
Guardian Essentials Services

  • Cisco Contract Consulting
  • Cisco RMA Processing / Technical Support

If it’s important that your network remain up and functional at all times, Guardian can help. With 24/7 monitoring, Guardian safeguards your information and monitors your network, allowing you to focus on serving your customers and running your business.

Onepath customers can have their networks fully monitored by Guardian, or partially managed using a combination of Guardian staff and their own employees. This flexibility means that you can customize the offering to best meet your budget and system needs.

We’re very excited to add Guardian Services to our growing company offering. Be sure to check out the full Guardian Services description and let us know if we can answer any questions.


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