Press Release: Marietta-based technology firm Onepath Systems named Tier II supplier for Georgia state agencies

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JULY 2012 – ATLANTA, GA – Leading technology solutions provider Onepath Systems, Inc. (Onepath) was recently named a Tier II supplier for the state of Georgia. State agencies, which includes all state universities and colleges, are now directed to make their AV hardware and service purchases from vendors that the state has vetted and who have provided preferential pricing in return. Tier II is designated for higher-level integrators and is only available to those suppliers who have passed rigorous certified technician programs. The process to becoming an approved Tier II vendor takes a significant amount of time and effort, and Onepath was required to submit to an extensive audit of their licensing, manufacturer references, cost proposal structure and certifications.

Onepath is also a Tier I supplier to the state, focusing its efforts primarily on the basic audio-visual (AV) needs of its agency clients. With this new and expanded designation, Onepath is now able to offer many more products and services under the state’s contract terms. This streamlines purchasing by state of Georgia agencies, thereby creating a more efficient process and economies of scale as well as saving taxpayers money. Along with the added product selection, Onepath is also approved to provide installation, technical and programming services to state clients.

“We are honored to have been appointed as a Tier II supplier for the state of Georgia and look forward to growing our relationships with our state clients,” says Robb Borden, President of Onepath Systems. “We are excited to build on our stellar reputation as a Tier I provider and expand the services we offer. Our goal is to streamline processes as much as possible for our state agency clients, and this new designation should allow us to do just that.”

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