Onepath Systems Milestones

Building on a Proud History of Excellence

Founded in 2006, Onepath Systems, LLC grew out of a desire to provide outstanding systems integration services and support to customers when several former partners of Suntech Systems, Inc., an Atlanta-based systems integrator, banded together to create their own company. Along with their knowledge and experience, they brought to the new company a shared belief that relationships are built on earned trust, that quality and timeliness are the keys to building a solid reputation and that a sense of ownership and pride in one’s work is essential to providing excellent service.

At Onepath, we have built a core organizational structure that allows us to provide a better way of partnering cutting edge systems technology with the needs of our customers. Each of our employees is treated like family and we strive to provide them with a great place to work because we believe that the enjoyment of their job is directly reflected in the quality of their work and their interaction with customers. Working together as a team, our goal is to deliver outstanding customer service that exceeds expectations in every interaction.

Thanks to a host of satisfied clients, Onepath has expanded to become one of the leading providers of building technology solutions in the Southeast. As the company has grown, we’ve maintained our original values and commitment to service while continuing to build an organization that is thriving. By 2010, Onepath had experienced such impressive growth that they joined with the private equity group Trivest Partners to provide increased financial stability and capital for enhanced growth. In 2012, Onepath acquired North Carolina-based Confiance IP Solutions and in 2013 acquired Transparent Technologies, Inc (TTi). We happily welcomed the Confiance and TTi families and their customers to ours and through these strategic partnerships have been able to continue to expand our product and service offerings.

The name Onepath reflects not just our ability to integrate multiple systems, but also the way we choose to lead our company. We strive to express our core values in everything we do, from our relationships with customers and employees to our commitment to the greater community. Onepath…serving clients as well as the greater good.

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