From the Ground Up

Touch screens, card swipes, and wireless coverage are the technologies you come to expect on a bustling  college campus. Students and faculty alike are attracted to facilities with intelligently integrated systems. Universities rely on cutting edge technology to streamline services and offer the best experience to all campus members.

Making those services available requires more than a quick installation. For many institutions, like Spelman College in Atlanta, campuses are littered with historic buildings that were never intended to offer the types of services we have come to expect. Situations like this can create huge dilemmas for universities. How can they host the technology needed without the infrastructure to handle it?

That is where the experts at Onepath come in. Onepath understands that integrating the best technology means working from the ground up. These photos may not look like much, but they are the foundation for a variety of technological wonders that will improve the lives of students. This particular project was announced back in 2010 and Onepath has been there along the way to ensure the infrastructure will be in place for all of the technology being integrated.

What appears as wires hanging out of walls and from ceilings right now will later be touchscreens, wireless connection points, and advanced security features for the 24 hour safety of students. This type of installation requires forethought and meticulous planning. That is exactly what the Onepath experts do for this and the many different types of projects they undertake. As the project moves closer to completion we will take another look at this Onepath project. If you want to see a few more pictures of this particular Onepath project, then feel free to journey over to our Facebook Page.

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